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Online Virtual Consultation – Free


Intake - $300 (Onetime Charge)

Three 1-hour sessions to determine the following:

1.  Determine Commitment

2.  Collect History, Strengths, & Challenges

3.  Gain understanding on how ADHD plays a role in life and reaching goals.

4.  Explore and understand key personal & Professional values.

5.  Identify biggest barriers to achieving balance and reaching goals.

6.  Create Goals and construct a plan-of-action.

7.  Review communication methods, preferred tier package, and schedule future appointments.


Tier 1 Package – $900 (per month)

1-hour a week individual

1-hour group per week

Daily Text or Email Check-ins M-F         


Tier 2 Package - $500 (per month)

30 minute sessions a week

1-hour group per week

2 Text or 2 Email Check-ins a week. (M-F)          


Tier 3 Package - $250 (per month)

1-hour coaching session a month

1-hour group coaching a week



   1-hour session         $115

   30 minutes session  $75

      Other Coaching/Consulting Services

Intimate Partnerships

Support Groups

Accountability Groups