Meet Kat


Clinically Licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland, USA

Hey, I'm Kat!

After a lifetime of struggling with ADHD and doing my best to fit the structure of a neurotypical world and workplace, I realized I needed to personally embrace my neurodiverse differences and 'otherness' and stop trying to fit into an environment made for the neurotypical individuals of this world!

In November 2021, I left my position at a mental health outpatient clinic to reconnect to my personal differences and break into a new venture using my Clinical Social Work experience and knowledge to assist others like myself and those that interact with them by creating Resilient River LLC.

Resilient River LLC offers personalized online services to individuals, couples/partners, groups, and organizations. With areas of focus being shame resilience as it pertains to Adult ADHD, LGBTQ+ challenges, religious hang-ups, sexual discomfort/dysfunction and more.