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 Neurodiverse and Nonconforming individuals who often see themselves as "different" and/or "othered."  You ARE some of the most resilient people in the world! 

Constantly having to learn to navigate social groups and institutions that are not made for you?

This can be Difficult to handle alone...

Let US help you navigate your river of life and the complexities of Your unique story!

Do you feel like you are constantly fighting the river current to survive, thrive and merely be understood?

Never Underestimate the Resilience of a River! 

Like a River, Individuals, partners, and employers can learn to be resilient by forming new paths and reinforcing new channels to work around and through any size obstacle. 

Do any of the following greatly impact the quality of life for you, your relationships, or organization? 





General life challenges Relationship Problems

Adult ADHD

Understanding Neurodiversity

Navigating system changes in partnerships and organizations